Thursday, October 15, 2009

Customize with Style

So I'm new to the blogsphere and to date, most of my time has been spent making my blog look interesting versus adding written content to make it actually interesting. In setting up my blog one of the first things I noticed is that Blogger lacks a lot of the goodies that you can add to other platforms like WordPress. Do I switch? That was the question.

Instead of switching, I decided to customize via widgets. By appending bits of simple code to my blog I could pretty much customize to my heart's content. Below are my favorite blog widgets - don't worry, I won't add them all.

  • Meebo Me - allows you to create a chat box on your blog giving you the opportunity to converse with visitors (I don't have any visitors so don't need at this time)
  • Tag-board - Allows you to add a real-time chat board to your blog so you can talke to visitors (agian, no visitors so not applicable)
  • Twitter - Add your Twitter stream to you blog - allow people to follow you
  • Share on Facebook - allows your readers to share items from you blog on Facebook
  • Add This - The popular social bookmarking button is available for Blogger accounts
  • Google Search - Add AJAX powered by Google Search so people can search your blog and the web (only three posts so far so don't need search functionality)
  • Popular Posts- takes a look at your comments and generates a list of which posts had the most conversation.
  • ShareThis - extremely customizable. Choose if you want it for social bookmarking, users emailing your posts etc.
  • Shout List Icons - generate icons for over 30 social sites your blog can be added to.
  • Tag/Label Cloud - ability to install a traditional tag cloud in your sidebar so people can track what you write about most.
  • SocialFeed - miniature lifestreaming widget that broadcasts your activities on social sites such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Flickr - generate an HTML or Flash based badge of your photo stream and share images with guests.

Would love to know what you have come across and what your favorites are.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On a Budget -

Given the recent state of the economy I have had to put myself on a budget. Not because I have lost my job but because so many of my friends have lost theirs. I will be the first to say that I am thankful that I have made it this far without being financially disrupted. But have I?

With all of my friends losing their jobs I find more and more of my disposable income going toward sustaining their pre-jobless lifestyles. What is a girl to do? I enjoy my friends and more so, I enjoy hanging out with them. If they no longer have the money to hang out then where does that leave me? Home alone with my blog. While I'm not complaining -segue into a complaint - but something needs to change. While I don't mind covering the cost of a Fin de la Monde every once in awhile, I can't cover the the cost for 10% of my friend base. Especially when that 10% is what I set aside to contribute to charity every year. So you see my conundrum.

Again, I'm not complaining. I feel I am very lucky given the circumstances. Just saying we need to get things straightened out so people like me can get their priorities back on track. And so people like me don't enable the people who were also once contributing their 10% to charity.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For my Papa:

You were my shield, my teacher, the pilot to me. Providing me protection; allowing me to trust first in you, then in myself. Standing guard with a support that allowed me to find my own way. You didn’t tell me how to live. You lived and I learned from you. Through the simple eloquence in your example I learned to embrace life.

Holding my hand, you prepared me to recognize the righteous path. Illustrating how to fly without fear; reassuring me through your eyes. You gave a love that taught me to believe in my own wings.

Today, I see in you so many things: Courage with compassion, Strength with Principle, Spontaneity in your Passions. I live, I laugh, I love as a true reflection of my father. A proud image of you.

Thank you dad, for being my father